Abducted Edmonton Screening:

The moment you have been waiting for….Abducted is playing December 16th at the Metro Cinema at 6:45PM…you can get tickets here https://www.metrocinema.org/production/abducted/

Abducted Synopsis:

An inner-city teenage boy’s life is turned upside-down when his drug-running sister goes missing. Lakota’s sudden disappearance leaves Derrick to piece together the clues of her abduction. Derrick experiences visions which he struggles to understand but which help him on his quest to find her. As he gets close to finding his sister, Derrick ends up in the fight of his life.

Abducted Backstory:

People ask “how long have you been working on this film?”…more


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Abducted First Trailer

Abducted Contest:

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